Just me and my Saltwaters

I have wanted a pair since Spring but I was waiting for the weather to warm up.  I blogged about my most wanted summer shoes here.  You will notice from this previous post I had wanted five pairs of shoes.  Not now.  No Siree.


I have a pair of Saltwater sandals and I have lived in them.  I even have Saltwater tan lines.  I have been properly branded.

I took the plunge and ordered a pair of these classic old school sandals, after peer pressure from Instagram.  How could I have these ladies in my IG feed and not join in?


 Rachel’s Saltwater cladded feet.


 Julia’s lush yellow pair.

It’s easy to ignore the comments that some folks may say to you whilst you’re wearing your sandals.  Comments such as, you look like one of the disciples, or asking if you’re 12 years old, are quickly forgotten because they are super comfy and versatile.  I have worn mine with jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses.  I may even order a red pair.

Here’s some science: they are durable enough to withstand saltwater <<hence their name!

What are you wearing on your feet this Summer?