Shades Needed

I have now lost 2 pairs of sunglasses in 4 weeks.

 The first pair are somewhere in Brighton.  Having enjoyed a fish and chip takeaway on the pebbles, I insisted on throwing a strop until Mr 29 handed his Oakleys over.  Personally, I’m thinking Mr 29 lost them on purpose as he wasn’t a fan of my D&G’s and called me ‘fly eyes’.

The second pair were left in a carriage on a South West train from Waterloo to Alton, via my station in Surrey.  Whilst ensuring I picked up all  the free crap given to me at Brit Mums Live, I left behind my Armani aviators. Opps.

Therefore new glasses are needed.  And quickly.  But I am undecided.

Here are four pairs which are jumping out of my ipad  at me.


One    Two    Three    Four

I am undecided between pairs one and four.

Decisions, decisions.

In the meantime, Mr 29 can continue to squint whilst I’ve kidnapped his pair again!

On a brighter note, I left my shades on the train, but I have a Butlins lipgloss ; )