My First Ever #BritMumsLive Round Up

Arriving at Waterloo, I felt thoroughly underdressed as I was greeted by a huge crowd of Ascot goers- Suits and fascinators surrounded me.   This was not helping my nerves of meeting strangers.  A feeling I am not used to.  You see, I am a very confident person generally and I speak and meet strangers every single day at work.  I did confess to a colleague how worried I was- What if all these women were actually axe welding murderers who hid behind a mummy persona?!


I attended the conference on the basis that I wanted to get as much information as I could to improve my blog, and to meet some ‘virtual’ friends.

I had arranged to meet up with Anne of The Gingerbread Mum.  She proved to be the bestest meet up and hang out buddy.  Proving her worth completely by walking to KFC at midnight with me.  Oh for love of a zinger burger.

We were joined by Diana who I had not come across on my social media.  I am now utterly inspired by her colour challenge on Instagram. Maybe I will become crafty after all as she makes it looks so easy.  I spent nearly all of my sessions with Becca A.K.A London’s Mrs Jones of Keeping Up With The Joneses.  She is just the loveliest sweet heart ever and her love of nail varnish makes me wish I had beautiful nails too!

I finallllllllly got to meet and spend time {at the pub, obvs} with Katy of Modern Mummy.  It was in fact this lovely lady who inspired me to blog.  We both share a ‘non blogging’ mutual friend.  She did not disappoint and was everything I thought she would be.

I was able to spend a short time with Sara who had travelled to the conference from the USofA.  I have really enjoyed reading her blog about living abroard, and watching her blog blossom.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to spend as much time as I had wanted with Rachel.  We share a love of shoes and tea, and are both mamas to 2 boys. I really enjoy reading her blog Three Years & Home.  She is quite possibly my favourite person in the world.  We will definitely meet up in the future.

I attended a session for every period. Geez, what a geek. Actually, I’ll own up, I was drinking tea and eating fruit toast in Starbucks on Saturday morning.  It appears there was a bug or something going around the Travelodge.  I really enjoyed the Pinterest session and want to delete my boards and start over.  I found Marte Marie Forsberg truly captivating throughout her Instagram talk.  I have a better understanding of Google +, although I am still slightly overwhelmed by it I have started to play with my account.  Who knew?!

I have made a list of ‘things to do’ and slowly I will be making my way through it.  I am totally inspired and in hindsight should have taken today off work so I could make a start.  Also because I am just so freakin tired.

I was so exhausted when I arrived home on Saturday night that I did not even notice the state of the house or the pee on the toilet seat.  Until it was too late.  My tiara is clearly not recognised in these parts.