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You know it’s Summer when….

Once again, we have a few sunny days ahead of us- hurrah!

We are a nation who happily accept we are obsessed with weather.


You know Summer has arrived in Surrey {and the rest of the UK,  I expect too} when:

1.  All the recent rain and cold spells will be forgotten for one day. You WILL say any one of the following: Isn’t it lovely today? It’s so warm today. I love days like today.

2.  Hay fever is a Bitch.  Does anyone else feel it gets worse every year?  Welcome to Summer.

3.  You’ll get up, shower and shave your legs.  Of course you showered yesterday but wore jeans so there was no urgency to shave, right?!

4.  There is only a small amount of sunscreen leftover from last Summer.  And this expired the year before.

5. You can never find fresh mint in the local co op for your pimms.  You refuse to drive to the huge supermarket.  But do.  And vow you must grow your own.  But then it rains and you’re back to drinking wine, and the fresh mint is forgotten.

6. A 45 minute car journey to Brighton takes one and a half hours.  Because the WHOLE of the South East are on route to the coast too

7. You hear the ice cream van, and raid the kid’s money boxes for change.  And then moan that a small oyster now costs £2.50.  WTF? How and when did this happen?

8.  On a day out you wear your bikini under your dress.  Just in case.

9.  On a day out you pack a rain mac and an umbrella.  Just in case.

10. Washing left on the washing line smells of sausages and charcoal.

11. You eat every meal outside.  Breakfast, lunch AND dinner are consumed on the patio.

12. You wash the car.

13. The kids refuse to drink.  Unless it’s a melted ice pop.

14. You continue to drink tea.  Because it’s British summertime.  And there is science that a hot drink does cool you down.

15. You can’t find the sandals you brought in the sale last Autumn.  So you wear converse, without socks, and get blisters!

What would you add?


The one where we stay at home {for the day}

Don’t you just love lazy summer Sundays?!

It doesn’t happen very often but today we stayed at home. Mr 29 likes us to go out at the weekends. But after a late night being out and watching the ‘Big Fight’ {I am not one to gloat, but I was on the winning side!},  we woke up gone 9 o’clock this morning and promptly plonked ourselves in the garden. We are still here.

We have been drinking out of these super summery glasses from Tesco.  I may have brought a dozen.


Paper straw obsession, much?! 

The boys have been outside all day playing football. No doubt, they have annoyed the neighbours.  They have a wonderful knack of kicking that bloody ball over the fences, and into the surrounding gardens.  It always seems to end up in the DINKY’s backyard.  Double Income No Kids Yet?! Probably, I should think, no kids ever.  That is if they listen to me and all my constant shouting at The Things.  I have mastered the fishmongers wife voice perfectly, don’t you know?!  Just keeping it real in middle class Surrey ; )

And the best thing about being at home?! Is not having to use the straighteners for a day and having BIG hair!


Big Hair Mama! 

I hope you all got to enjoy some sunshine this weekend.  Have a great week!



Good Friday round up and Easter Wishes


Via Pinterest

Our 4 day weekend has started.  And I’m exhausted already!

Today we went tent shopping.  We are camping in a France over the summer, without Stamford the Bus and therefore a new tent big enough to house us all is essential.

We viewed and tried tent, after tent.  And found our new ‘holiday home’!

Yes, Mr 29 totally got his own way, and we are entering the new air beam generation of campers.  With a pitch time of 5-10 minutes {or so the salesman said!} we were sold!

We had fish and chips for dinner.  Nom, nom, nom.

We are going out for dinner tomorrow night with my parents.

Egg hunting on Sunday.  Followed by chocolate eating.

Wishing you a Happy Easter Weekend!


Where everybody is talking about the MADS*

* The Mads 2014

The Mad Blog Awards are the Mum and Dad blog awards run in association with Parentdish.co.uk. There are 15 different categories. There are a gazillion bloggers and already a bajillion votes have been cast.  These votes are condensed to just five nominated blogs per category.  Wowsers! That’s a lot of  working out and reading for those guys at The Mads ; )

Last  week, The Mads, informed me, via Twitter that I had been nominated for MAD blog of the year.  Hurrah.  How very kind! *Sniggers* As if.

Last year, I was oblivious to The Mads and someone nominated me.  I posted about that here. My blog was a mere bambino then, and it could not be included, but it made me beam none the less : )

I am not one to make public pleas but if you do enjoy reading my blog then please do vote for me, I would really appreciate it.  My blog, is still so young and I still have so much to learn from her yet, and I hope you continue on this journey with me!

I believe the categories best suited for 29 Year Old Mama are Best New Blog and Best Schooldays Blog.

What are you thinking?! Do you wanna?! Go on.  I know you do.  Press the button to ‘Nominate Me’. NB Nominations close at 11.59 pm {BST} on 21st March 2014 .

MAD Blog Awards

Thanks for reading!


It’s Christmassssssss


And Breathe.

It most certainly is.

School finished on Friday.

We have baked, watched Christmas movies and enjoyed the festivities.

Mr 29 is taking the boys to Yorkshire, on a flying visit to see the in-laws and drop off some presents before the Big JC’s birthday.

Father Christmas has purchased all the gifts, ‘he’ just needs to wrap them up.  I will be doing this while The a Things are t’up North.

It has been wet and windy in Surrey, over the last few days.  No signs of a white Christmas.

I hope you all enjoy the last few days of the build up to Christmas!


Picture via Pinterest

On my mind

I need to post. It feels as though I haven’t blogged in yonks. A week and a half, actually.

My mind is full of useless information and jobs to do.

Such as today is My Nan’s birthday. Her first since she left us in March. There will be lots of ‘firsts’ to go through this year for Mr 29 and I.

I was weighed by the practice nurse who has confirmed I have put on weight. Obviously going up a dress size wasn’t conclusive enough for me! I am now 59kilograms. And although I get comments of “I wish I weighed that” and “It doesn’t look like it”, this is not helpful for me. I still have a healthy BMI but I have not weighed this much ever- not without being pregnant {and I’m not!}. So for me it is a weight gain, and I’m not happy. I need to diet. I just do not think I have the mentality to diet. I love food far too much. Especially chocolate, biscuits and crisps.  I love to eat.


Thing 2 needs another school jumper {I like to have two on the go- for exactly this reason!}. In true ‘back to school’ style he has misplaced one. I only need to go online to order it, but I’m easily distracted by Christmas arrivals at Emma Bridgewater and the Daily Mail on line.

Thing 1 has had a few ‘sick days’ lately, nothing serious, but it has meant I’ve needed to take some time off work. This seems much harder now that I’m working full time. My manager has been understanding and I have been able to work from home, but it’s still time away from work.

My priority concern, obviously, is that I still have £60.00 in vouchers to spend left over from my birthday. They are burning a hole in my pocket. I must go shopping soon. My Autumn wardrobe needs updating. Shopping trip anybody?!



pictures via pinterest 

I left my heart in New York City



One year ago today I was on route to NYC.  Five ladies from Surrey were let off their Mama duties, to enjoy a magical 5 days.

I have posted about our trip here.  I was the only ‘Virgin’ *sniggers*

I am not new to cities.  I was ‘made in Chelsea’; living inbetween The Fulham Road and Kings Road.  My Ma tells of the time when I pushed my doll’s buggy into Adam Ant’s legs, outside the famous American Classics store.  I travelled on a red route master {the No. 14, if travelling down the Fulham Road, or No. 22 if going via the Kings Road} to school everyday.  My Mother who doesn’t drive {and who didn’t and still doesn’t have much patience with public transport} would hail a black cab to get from A to B.  London life, right?

But there was something about New York.  It was not London.  It was amazeballs.  It took my breathe away.  It reminded me {as I kept saying to the girls} , of Amsterdam.  Another city that I L O V E.  We were to learn that New York used to be called New Amsterdam, hence the influence.  Who knew? A history lesson and shopping trip rolled into one!

There are something’s that cannot be explained.  I cannot even attempt to re tell the stories in a post.  They are the ‘you had to be there moments’ including party cab, the flateron {!} and bar snacks!

The Flat Iron building has been renamed, in our world!


It was exhausting. Jet leg is a bitch. We were all up early {some ridiculously earlier than others!} and the days did not seem to be long enough to fit everything in.

Tonight, we are off out into town. We will be going to The Oblix, level 32 in The Shard, overlooking our city, London. We will be eating from an NY grill inspired menu and reliving our memories. I cannot wait to go back.  New York, you have my heart!