Just me and my Saltwaters

I have wanted a pair since Spring but I was waiting for the weather to warm up.  I blogged about my most wanted summer shoes here.  You will notice from this previous post I had wanted five pairs of shoes.  Not now.  No Siree.


I have a pair of Saltwater sandals and I have lived in them.  I even have Saltwater tan lines.  I have been properly branded.

I took the plunge and ordered a pair of these classic old school sandals, after peer pressure from Instagram.  How could I have these ladies in my IG feed and not join in?


 Rachel’s Saltwater cladded feet.


 Julia’s lush yellow pair.

It’s easy to ignore the comments that some folks may say to you whilst you’re wearing your sandals.  Comments such as, you look like one of the disciples, or asking if you’re 12 years old, are quickly forgotten because they are super comfy and versatile.  I have worn mine with jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses.  I may even order a red pair.

Here’s some science: they are durable enough to withstand saltwater <<hence their name!

What are you wearing on your feet this Summer?



Shades Needed

I have now lost 2 pairs of sunglasses in 4 weeks.

 The first pair are somewhere in Brighton.  Having enjoyed a fish and chip takeaway on the pebbles, I insisted on throwing a strop until Mr 29 handed his Oakleys over.  Personally, I’m thinking Mr 29 lost them on purpose as he wasn’t a fan of my D&G’s and called me ‘fly eyes’.

The second pair were left in a carriage on a South West train from Waterloo to Alton, via my station in Surrey.  Whilst ensuring I picked up all  the free crap given to me at Brit Mums Live, I left behind my Armani aviators. Opps.

Therefore new glasses are needed.  And quickly.  But I am undecided.

Here are four pairs which are jumping out of my ipad  at me.


One    Two    Three    Four

I am undecided between pairs one and four.

Decisions, decisions.

In the meantime, Mr 29 can continue to squint whilst I’ve kidnapped his pair again!

On a brighter note, I left my shades on the train, but I have a Butlins lipgloss ; )


Style Challenge; Kendra Thornton in NYC

I was recently contacted by travel expert, Kendra Thornton (featured on shows such as, Tyra Banks and Nate Berkus), who asked if I’d like to participate in her upcoming “Kendra’s Night Out Challenge” in NYC.  A night out in NYC you say?! Hell yeah.  I’ve been on nights out in NYC, and I loved it!

Kendra sent these details over, explaining her night out in New York City.  Jealous, much?!

Kendra Fashion New York

As Kendra’s Fashion Challenge rolls out, I’m looking for the perfect outfit to wear for an evening of wine and fine dining at The Standard High Line Hotel in New York City. NYC has many classic locations, but with its downtown views and its touch of lower-Manhattan hipness, the High Line is going to be a place right out of a dream of what New York can be. In fact, with the right outfit, I’m sure the evening will be perfectly magical. New York City is a place that has always captivated my imagination, and I’m hoping that the peak of my trip there will create memories to treasure. With its beautifully angular modern construction and skyline views, the Standard High Line will certainly be a place to see and be seen, and I’m sure it will live up to my expectations.

Looking at all the various menus available at the High Line, I’m struck by the many choices I’ll have to make my evening perfect. A site of classic American elegance, the Standard Grill has certainly piqued my interest. With its otherworldly bar and grill look, wonderful seafood created with a touch of Italian fine-dining in mind, the Standard Grill seems to set the tone with old world charm, and I’m certainly enthusiastic about the late-night menu (oysters and champagne sound lovely!). The Grill seems like the type of place you’d have once found Cary Grant or Audrey Hepburn having a great meal. Then again, this is New York, and I’d love to get some nighttime city views in while I’m here. With its small plates, excellent drinks, and gorgeous city views, the Top of the Standard looks like a great opportunity to grab a cocktail, take in the scenery, and listen to a top jazz band. For a more high-tempo experience, I’m tempted to make a stop by Le Bain, the hotel’s discotheque and official dance spot, to hear a few world-class DJs and really allow myself to fall in love with the city’s kinetic pace. To say that I’m excited to show off my outfit on a classic New York night, with dancing and a sophisticated atmosphere, is an understatement: I’m absolutely thrilled.

As a classic American metropolis, New York City has charms like no other place. With help creating an itinerary with the experts of Gogobot, planning my dream trip was stress-free and dreamlike. Whether you’re taking in a Broadway show, sampling the nightlife, or booking a spot at a luxurious hotel in New York, having the right outfit can make your trip perfect.

This is my chosen outfit.

Kendra Thornton's NYC Style Challenge

1// Zara Playsuit 2// Topshop Blazer 3// Mulberry Bracelet 4// Coach Clutch 5// Loeffler Randal Sandal

Did you read what she wants to do in one night?! As tempting as it was to find a dress in the style of Audrey Hepburn, realistically Kendra needs an adaptable outfit for the evening events.  And well, I’m also just a little bit in love with playsuits at the moment.  They are effortlessly easy to wear and transitional enough when going from place to place.  The blazer is a wardrobe staple and offers a sophisticated look for the start of the evening, ready to be whipped off when dancing the night away!  The cuff bracelet compliments the top bar of the sandals.

I am so jealous Kendra that you are off to the big apple.  I know you’ll have an amazing time.  As Mamas we all need some Big Girl Time.  If you find my heart there, don’t worry about sending it to me- hopefully I’ll be back soon enough!


Who loves short shorts?!

Well, I do, again. That’s for sure.

Nearly 3 years ago I purchased a pair of short denim shorts {from Superdry}.  Last summer, they stayed in the drawer as  I was convinced I’d put weight on.  Actually, I have put on a few pounds, but I think if I exercise and tone up some of my more wobbly parts, I’d probably feel more comfortable.  And this is where I find it difficult to motivate myself.  Every month, my bank statement shows the gym subscription being withdrawn.  I haven’t been since January.

I think I’ve been hard on myself tho, last week  it was sunny {remember those few days we had?!} and I wore that little pair of short shorts from 3 years ago.

So here I am in short shorts {sweaty and exhausted after a bike ride down country lanes} outside one of the Downton Abbey residences.


It got me thinking of a whole new Summer look- what do you think?!


One.  Two.  Three.  Four.   Five. 

FYI: The Panama hat has been purchased already- much to Mr 29’s disgust! Boo hiss to him!


Summer, {optional} socks and sandals

 Here are some summer shoes I’m loving right now.  The ‘Saltwaters’ and ‘Havianas’ will be making their way to this household very soon!

You would have noticed yourselves, without me pointing this out to you, that the shoes I have chosen are all neutral colours and there is a reason for this.  The reason?! Bright colours are just not me.  I really, really want a pair of orange saltwaters, red hasbeens, and pink jellies but, in the words of Phoebe {from the episode ‘The one with the thumb‘} “Whenever I walked I would hear, “Not mine, not mine, not mine.” And even if I was happy and I was skipping, I would hear, “not-not mine, not-not mine, not-not mine”.  And I expect people would snigger at me, because bright colours are just not me.   They would probably be thinking look at Vickie in her bright shoes; they’re not hers.

The biggest decision I need to make is whether I order the saltwaters in tan or navy?


Mama Style: April


I have realised that I haven’t shared a ‘Mama Style’ post with you for ages.  That doesn’t mean I have not been wearing anything {!} or have taken to my onesie and Ugg boots on a more permanent basis {don’t judge me- it is ultra comfy by the way!}.  I have just been a bit lazy and reliant on the good ‘ol unpredictable climate that we have in the UK.

I brought this purple tulip style dress from Full Circle, some three years ago.  I have worn it twice.  I rediscovered it a few weeks ago when the sun decided visited.  It would be ideal for perfect Spring days with bare legs and sandals, or rainy April days with wooly tights.


I teamed it with a denim jacket from H&M, these brogues from Clarks, and my faithful Michael Kors handbag {which has been used nearly every single day since purchasing it in NYC 18 months ago}.

I feel like have a new dress again, having not worn it for 2 years!



These April Showers


Kate Middleton was seen using a Fulton Birdcage recently in New Zealand. The Queen and Camilla P-B are also fans.  And at £17.00 each, we all should have one.  Especially this weekend.

Here are my top 3 favourite birdcage umbrellas.  By Royal Appointment.  Obvs.


Orla Kiely  Multi Flower Check £32.00

Lulu Guinness  Red Lips £32.00

Cath Kidston   Butterflies £26.00

Hopefully, these April showers will bring May flowers.


Spring Time Shopping

I truly have loved having time at home {and out and about} this spring break with The Things and Mr 29.  But seriously guys, get back to school and work.  I need to shop.  In peace and quiet!

Here are my post Easter spring wants essentials ; )


Zig Zag dress by Poem from Oliver Bonas

Saltwater Sandals from Sun-San Sandals

Porchester Place nail varnish by Nails Inc 

Large White Face Tan Watch by Olivia Burton 

NICA satchel from Debenhams 

Happy Shopping!


A romp outside, anyone?

The weather has seen a high of  17 degrees celsius. This last weekend may well have been summer in Surrey. And Sussex, since we went to Brighton for the day on Sunday.

I have spring and summer on my mind.  My Instagram feed has been streaming with sunshine, and I have been thinking of my Summer wardrobe.

And look what is on the high street. A whole lotta rompers. Or jumpsuits.  Or play suits.  Whatever you call them. There’s going to be some leg action out there this season.

Here are some of my favourites.

For the day.


1} River Island  2} Miss Selfridge  3} Zara

For the Evening.


1} Warehouse  2} Miss Selfridge   3} Zara

I put my pasty white pins away last Autumn, and I need to spray tan and shave them pronto!


My Recent Purchase


I can’t believe it’s taken me forever {well just over a month} to buy a pair of brogues having posted about them.  On Sunday, we popped into town as Thing 2 had wanted to buy MORE Lego with his Christmas vouchers.

As we walked past Clark’s, the front display was full of brogues, in every colour, aaahhhh!

Being a ridiculously small sized foot, there wasn’t very much choice available in store for me in a size 3 {yep, you read that right, even Thing 2 at 9 years old has bigger feet then I do!}, but there was a pair of Hamble Oaks  in dark tan in the store room.   And aren’t they divine?!

AND they match my every day tan Michael Corrs bag, as the shop assistant informed me!



What was the last thing you purchased for yourself? Not the boring house hold must haves!