The one where we stay at home {for the day}

Don’t you just love lazy summer Sundays?!

It doesn’t happen very often but today we stayed at home. Mr 29 likes us to go out at the weekends. But after a late night being out and watching the ‘Big Fight’ {I am not one to gloat, but I was on the winning side!},  we woke up gone 9 o’clock this morning and promptly plonked ourselves in the garden. We are still here.

We have been drinking out of these super summery glasses from Tesco.  I may have brought a dozen.


Paper straw obsession, much?! 

The boys have been outside all day playing football. No doubt, they have annoyed the neighbours.  They have a wonderful knack of kicking that bloody ball over the fences, and into the surrounding gardens.  It always seems to end up in the DINKY’s backyard.  Double Income No Kids Yet?! Probably, I should think, no kids ever.  That is if they listen to me and all my constant shouting at The Things.  I have mastered the fishmongers wife voice perfectly, don’t you know?!  Just keeping it real in middle class Surrey ; )

And the best thing about being at home?! Is not having to use the straighteners for a day and having BIG hair!


Big Hair Mama! 

I hope you all got to enjoy some sunshine this weekend.  Have a great week!




When Great Things Happen.

Some days, just happen, you know, it’s like all the stars are in alignment, the sun showers  you in its rays and friends and family all collide.  In one place.  At the same time.  And great things happen.

Or, in reality, an invitation had been sent in advance where everybody RSVPed to Gracie’s Christening.  Hence our gathering in the one place.  At the same time.


I blog too much, really, about the materialistic things I want and need.  But what we all need are friends.  And in a sunny beer garden where the Pinot was flowing {“Auntie, you always drink Pinot!” said Lo}, older children {The Things} were available  to ‘keep an eye’ on the little ones, these friendships are at their best.  And the real beauty of this group of friends is that some are family members, who really do overlook that you don’t return a text {immediately, or in my case even on the same day}, don’t hold it against you if Birthdays are missed {I have forgotten 2 this week!} or if you drink too much, and where conversations go beyond anything you thought you’d share.  But you share.

After an emotional roller coaster of a week, where we have had to formalise a palliative care plan for our Labrador and The Things have been off school with migraines and ear infections, catching up with friends was just the medicine we needed.

Have you had an amazing weekend?!


I’m going to Britmums Live 2014



Thats me!


NAME Vickie

Blog 29yearoldmama

twitter id@29yearoldmama

Height 5 foot 2 inches when I’m not wearing heels

Hair Blonde {with the help of a hairdresser and foils}

Eyes Hazel/ light brown {dependent on mood and room lighting!}

Is this your first blogging conference?  Yes and I am *whispers* nervous and excited all at once!

Are you attending both days?  Yes, although I haven’t booked a hotel room yet so will be commuting {which won’t take very long and will actually be a lot cheaper!}

What are you most looking forward to at BritMumsLive 2014? To meet you lovely lot in real life- you are real, non?!

What are you wearing? We live in England, right? So this will be weather dependent.  Also if I do end up taking the train and tube I’ll need to wear comfy flat shoes

What do you hope to gain from BritMums Live 2014? Tips for blogging, a new direction for my blog, perhaps. A gain in confidence when blogging.  You know, that kind of stuff.

Do you have any tips to pass onto others who may not have been before? Pack a hip flask in our bags, maybe?!

See  you all there!


 BritMums Live! 2014

My Face Makes Me A Bitch. Apparently.


Don’t worry, this is neither a post about how 1} I think I’m so pretty or 2} my lack of confidence in my looks.

Seriously, peeps, can you not see my nose from there? It’s HUGE.  I have heard every insincere comment possible. The nicest one tho {unbelievably} is “you have uncle Bob’s nose!”.  Yep, that’s right, he’s from the Jewish side of my family.  And, I can assure you that I don’t have his nose because he has his own nose and it’s much BIGGER than mine.

My lack of confidence is zero. Zilch. Minus freezing point.  I have mastered that profile photos taken from my left side appear to conceal the slight hook I have in my nose.

You see? Total acceptance.

Anyway, I have totally digressed from this post.  I am talking about my face.  As in how I ‘look’ at people.  Which I didn’t think I had a problem with until it was pointed out to me recently.

I was was having a well earned  catch up with a friend,  drinking a glass of vino, when I discreetly pointed out a woman at the bar who looked miserable, despite having a beverage in her hand and being in a group of friends {I presumed}.  Belle, who I had pointed this out to replied “That’s what you look like, maybe she’s the same”

Me “Huh?”

Belle  “You know, that condition that’s going around”

Me “Huh? Again?”

Now, Belle, who is 10 years younger than me and has no filter, decided to tell me that she thought I was miserable when she first met me and proceeded to diagnosis me with Bitchy Resting Face.

Really? I thought to myself, I am totes the bestest fun.

Confidence boost much, anyone?!

I would totes be B.F.F’s with myself.  If I physically could.

The following day, as promised, Belle emailed me this link  from You Tube, explaining Bitchy Resting Face.

And it’s me.


I am that person who walks down the street and gets gestured at by a stranger to smile or told “it’s not the end of the world”.

But I just don’t get it. It’s usually me that, out of my own choosing, speak to people. I’ll say Morning, Hello, Afternoon as I walk past.  I know it’s not in depth conversation but it’s a prompting word which usually gets a response.  So my conclusion is that I can’t have too much of a Bitchy Resting Face. Mr 29’s conclusion as to why I get a response is that those I’m acknowledging are just surprised somebody with a miserable face is being cheerful!


Please tell me I’m not alone- do any of you have a Bitchy Resting Face?!


Pictures Via Pinterset

In Which It Didn’t Come Out InThe Wash

Because it never made it into the washing machine.

I always think of myself as one of those that view life as the glass is always half full.  Living with Mr 29 a.k.a Mr  Positivity himself, actually means I see life through rose tinted specs where the glass is always full.

At the moment, however, work is tainting my vision. I still  love my job, there are just other issues ongoing which I am unable to discuss with you.  I’m sure you’ll realise that I’m not having a picnic.  My glass is not just half empty but I’m missing sandwiches too.

I am trying so very hard to keep my worries away from The Things.  This has been increasingly difficult.  Where as I would normally do things myself, on the first time of asking {I live in a house of men- it’s simply easier to do it myself}, it has taken 3 attempts at a ‘dark’ wash to ensure school trousers have been washed for Thing 2.

The first wash was overflowing.  But no trousers.

The second was a half load. But no trousers.

The third wash, where Thing 2 was asked to put the trousers into the washing machine himself, was made up of 3 tea towels and a pair of P.Js.  But No trousers.

And I cried.  Like a girl.  Over a pair of unwashed trousers.



Picture via Pinterest

What I Heart 💕

20 Things I Am Loving

💕Winter Puddings

💕 Wearing Sunglasses in the Autumn rays


💕Left Over Halloween Sweets

💕 Savignon Blanc

💕And Rioja

💕 The peace of being Home Alone {for half an hour, anyway}

💕Cheese Omlettes

💕 The first cup of tea of the day

💕Log Burners and Open Fires

💕 Laughing

💕Being called ‘Auntie’

💕 Slippers

💕Christmas brochures arriving {daily} in the post


💕Fluffy towels {God bless the tumble dryer}

💕Planning a firework night soirée

💕Movie nights

💕 Baking in my new kitchen

💕My Life

What are you loving?! 


Dear 16 Year Old Me

Today is my 35th birthday. You see ’29 year old mama’ is my facade. My cover up. But ssshhhh- please don’t tell anyone!

So what would I tell my 16 year old self? {this is a blogging concept that is being posted on various sites at the moment}.

Dear Me,

Your parents have NOT moved you to the middle of nowhere. Yes, you’re pining for London. You have moved from a street which was positioned in between the Fulham Road and New Kings Road, with buses and tube stations within walking distance to a road which opens up to a green area and a train station with trains into town every 30 minutes.

This means you are not staying on at school to study A-Levels with your friends but have started at the local college. You will meet lots of new friends and bunk regularly. I don’t think your Mum ever finds out.

Having an older sister means you get to discover club nights and alcohol a lot earlier than she did- you really should thank her more. Your Big Sister does your hair and make up and styles your clothes. And her paper driving license gets you into clubs {photo driving licenses, what are they?!}. Yep, you really should have appreciated her more back then.

This whole move will change where you thought you wanted to go to University and you will choose Surrey University in Guildford. You will end up meeting your future husband whilst you’re here, but that’s years away. You’re too busy flirting with the college boys for now.

You have discovered wonder bras, but your breasts are perfectly pert and you don’t need to wear them. When you’re 35, after 2 pregnancies, any bra with support will be your saviour.

You have discovered sun beds- Stop- You will regret it later on in life when your skin is tight and wrinkly, and looking old before it’s time. However, for now you think you totally rock and pull off the orange skin and Platinum blonde hair look. You don’t. I’ve seen the photos and cringe that you look like that! Oh and your hair is massive, but this was before GHD’s and you will wonder how you ever lived without this amazing gadget!


You {older and wiser} x

P.S Topshop is one of the few shops that stock Size 6 clothes- enjoy- as you won’t be back in that size again!

Bad Habits

I don’t openly admit to any flaws,  well other than the ones I walk on in the house,  but I also I know that I’m NOT perfect.

I swear


I’ve gone back through my previous posts, and I am so surprised they don’t contain swear words. I clearly write better than I speak.

I swear. All. The. Time. Even if I don’t verbalise the word, it passes through my mind in big black CAPITAL letters.

I use swear words for every occasion, feeling and action. For example, the morning after an alcohol fuelled night, does not leave me feeling ill. I feel F**king Sick. If I’m shocked or surprised I never simply gasp, or say ‘Gosh’, I unladylike say “No F**king Way!”, or when I need more clarity, I use the more polite version of “You’re shitting me?!”. If I drop something “Shit” can be heard. If I forget to do something “balls/cock/bullocks” is drum-rolled out.

You see where I’m going with this?

I have to be right


Hell, there is no ‘have to’ about it.  I am right.  Always. I have inherited this from my mother and I have passed this trait onto Thing 1. However, at the moment he is never right. Obviously. He totally needs to get his sh*t together if he wants to ‘out do’ me.

It is time consuming, being right all the time, but it is the only ‘thing’ I’m competitive about. Forget sport participation. I thrive when I hear Mr 29 say “Yes. You are right”. Sometimes I make him say it twice.

I cannot be spontaneous


I know this drives Mr 29 insane. Thinking of doing anything impromptu makes my mouth go dry and my armpits sweaty. That is the reason for calendars and notice, right? So that you know what you are doing in advance. However, I cannot deny that these impromptu events always turn out to be the best times. I totes need to get over this fear.

What about you. Do you admit to any flaws?


I’m NOT Going To BritMums Live

I’m NOT going to BritMums Live *sobs* but it seems EVERYBODY else in the parent blogging world IS.

I am NOT jealous, I am not jealous at all. My usual hazel eyes are NOT green.

I am lying. I do have a touch of the green eyed monster.

It’s all my own fault. Obviously. I know this. When tickets were announced for the event, I didn’t really understand what it was all about. At the time I’d only been blogging for a couple of months and thought I was to new to be part of it.

Now? Well, I want to be part of it. To meet these women who have been so supportive in the blogging world, and to say ‘thank you’ whilst learning more about blogging and social media. Yes, I WANT that!

So I’m jumping on the bandwagon and introducing myself.

NAME Vickie {or, 29 year old mama}

twitter id@29yearoldmama

Height 5 foot 2 inches when I’m not wearing heels

Hair Blonde

Eyes Hazel

is this your first blogging conference? It totally would have been *stamps foot*

Are you attending both days? A big fat NO. Not even one day!

What are you most looking forward to at BritMumsLive 2013? The constant tweeting from those attending so at least it will feel like I’m there!

What are you wearing? I’ve nobody to impress this weekend……*Sighs*

What do you hope to gain from  BritMums Live 2013? Comfirmation from others that its worth going in 2014!

Tell us one thing about you that not everyone knows No, it’s a secret! You’ll have to wait until next year!


V x

What I’ve Learnt

I have been in denial about my real age that I had forgotten how old I actually am.  I had aged myself by a year.  This came about when my sister told me she was 37 on her next birthday, which makes me 34 now! This meant I was ticking the wrong boxes in surveys, and the Things who no longer believe I’m 29 anyway, insisted on telling anyone who would listen that I was 35.

So what have I learnt during my 34 years and 10 months?!

This is a condensed list-I don’t want to keep you here all day!

* Life really does go fast.  And it’s goes so much faster when you have kids.

* Say “I love you” to the ones you love.  I do ALL the time.  Hubby, kids, friends and family get told in person, on the phone, in an e-mail and text messages.

* Things don’t stay the same forever- embrace the opportunity.  Change is good, even if at that time you think it is the end of the world.


* Never assume.  Always ask

* There are only 2 answers:  Yes or No.  Is No really so bad at times?

* Not everybody in life will like you.  So what? Who cares?


* you can never have enough good friends, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve known them.  You may not have the same girlfriends you had at school or university, but that is fine.  Sometimes, friendships are not meant to last forever.  People change and grow and move on.  And that’s ok.

* Never under estimate the importance of saying Thank you and Please.

* Smile at a stranger, hold a door open, offer your assistance- all these things will put a smile on someone’s face.  And probably yours as well.


* Listen to others.

* Do not judge

* Somebody, somewhere, is having a much worse time than you.  Think about what you do have.

* You’re allowed an opinion.  Say what you think.  Not what you’re expected to say.


* There are ‘Walkers’ and there are ‘Talkers’ in life- what are you?

* Go travelling, go on an adventure, go on a journey.  If it doesn’t work out you can always come home and tell everyone you tried. Be a ‘walker’!