About Me!

Who am I ? It sounds like the game that always gets played at Christmas following a few drinks- you know the one when you stick a name on your forehead and have to guess who you are? I NEVER get my person/ animal/ plant right!

Well I am Me- Vickie. A 30+ 29 year old *coughs* Mama to 2 boys {Thing 1 who is a teenager and Thing 2 aged 9} as well as wife to Mr 29 {he wishes}. Our family is completed by Brody, our brown obese Labrador.  She is named after the street we lived down, whilst in Australia.  I work as a  nurse, a job I still love after all these years.  I have just started working full time, the first time since I became a Mama.

I enjoy cooking {badly} and baking {the basics}, drinking Marlborough region wine {lots of it} and spending time as a family in our fabulous 1971 blue bay campervan {christened Stamford by the boys}.

You will spy me living in UGG boots in the winter, and haviana flip flops at the first glimpse of sunshine.

This is my personal blog, an insight into my life- What I think and what I like. My boys {all 3, including Mr 29} are very important to me and they’re often included in my ramblings! I hope you enjoy it.



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