Happy Father’s Day

I forgot it was Fathers Day this weekend.  But, hey, don’t judge me.  You see there’s this thing called the World Cup going on at the moment, and Tesco insisted on reminding me about this with balls and banners everywhere.  I don’t recall much mention about a Father’s Day happening anytime soon, so it’s not my fault if Tesco’s PR failed, right?!


I’ve posted previously about Mr 29 as a Daddy here.

But this is a post about MY Dad and 5 things he has imprinted on me.

1} Not to drink a pint of beer.  If beer is desired,  2 half pints are to be ordered. Fortunately I’m not a huge beer drinker, and if I do fancy one, Mr 29 doesn’t mind me drinking from the bottle ; )

2} Cleaning the bath.  I do feel sorry that he had to live with two teenage daughters. He didn’t object to many things but those oily bath balls {do they still exist?} were not his favourite.   He was not a fan of having a bath after my sister and I  had a body shop oil fuelled bath.  I have super duper cif and sponge skills as a result!

3} Hall and Oates, Don Henley, Pink Floyd.  Just a few of the greats that I still listen to on todays ‘modern’ technology. My Dad still has these dudes on vinyl! They are my saving grace when Mr 29 mocks me for liking cheesy pop.

4}  Tea is an essential part to the start and end of the day.  I am a tea-a-holic and take after my Dad.

5} Chocolate.  My Dad should have shares in Cadbury.  Consequently there has always been chocolate at my parents house.  This was the perfect accompaniment with a cup of tea, when coming home clubbing at stupid o’clock.

Happy Fathers Day.



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