You know it’s Summer when….

Once again, we have a few sunny days ahead of us- hurrah!

We are a nation who happily accept we are obsessed with weather.


You know Summer has arrived in Surrey {and the rest of the UK,  I expect too} when:

1.  All the recent rain and cold spells will be forgotten for one day. You WILL say any one of the following: Isn’t it lovely today? It’s so warm today. I love days like today.

2.  Hay fever is a Bitch.  Does anyone else feel it gets worse every year?  Welcome to Summer.

3.  You’ll get up, shower and shave your legs.  Of course you showered yesterday but wore jeans so there was no urgency to shave, right?!

4.  There is only a small amount of sunscreen leftover from last Summer.  And this expired the year before.

5. You can never find fresh mint in the local co op for your pimms.  You refuse to drive to the huge supermarket.  But do.  And vow you must grow your own.  But then it rains and you’re back to drinking wine, and the fresh mint is forgotten.

6. A 45 minute car journey to Brighton takes one and a half hours.  Because the WHOLE of the South East are on route to the coast too

7. You hear the ice cream van, and raid the kid’s money boxes for change.  And then moan that a small oyster now costs £2.50.  WTF? How and when did this happen?

8.  On a day out you wear your bikini under your dress.  Just in case.

9.  On a day out you pack a rain mac and an umbrella.  Just in case.

10. Washing left on the washing line smells of sausages and charcoal.

11. You eat every meal outside.  Breakfast, lunch AND dinner are consumed on the patio.

12. You wash the car.

13. The kids refuse to drink.  Unless it’s a melted ice pop.

14. You continue to drink tea.  Because it’s British summertime.  And there is science that a hot drink does cool you down.

15. You can’t find the sandals you brought in the sale last Autumn.  So you wear converse, without socks, and get blisters!

What would you add?



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