The one where we stay at home {for the day}

Don’t you just love lazy summer Sundays?!

It doesn’t happen very often but today we stayed at home. Mr 29 likes us to go out at the weekends. But after a late night being out and watching the ‘Big Fight’ {I am not one to gloat, but I was on the winning side!},  we woke up gone 9 o’clock this morning and promptly plonked ourselves in the garden. We are still here.

We have been drinking out of these super summery glasses from Tesco.  I may have brought a dozen.


Paper straw obsession, much?! 

The boys have been outside all day playing football. No doubt, they have annoyed the neighbours.  They have a wonderful knack of kicking that bloody ball over the fences, and into the surrounding gardens.  It always seems to end up in the DINKY’s backyard.  Double Income No Kids Yet?! Probably, I should think, no kids ever.  That is if they listen to me and all my constant shouting at The Things.  I have mastered the fishmongers wife voice perfectly, don’t you know?!  Just keeping it real in middle class Surrey ; )

And the best thing about being at home?! Is not having to use the straighteners for a day and having BIG hair!


Big Hair Mama! 

I hope you all got to enjoy some sunshine this weekend.  Have a great week!




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