Who loves short shorts?!

Well, I do, again. That’s for sure.

Nearly 3 years ago I purchased a pair of short denim shorts {from Superdry}.  Last summer, they stayed in the drawer as  I was convinced I’d put weight on.  Actually, I have put on a few pounds, but I think if I exercise and tone up some of my more wobbly parts, I’d probably feel more comfortable.  And this is where I find it difficult to motivate myself.  Every month, my bank statement shows the gym subscription being withdrawn.  I haven’t been since January.

I think I’ve been hard on myself tho, last week  it was sunny {remember those few days we had?!} and I wore that little pair of short shorts from 3 years ago.

So here I am in short shorts {sweaty and exhausted after a bike ride down country lanes} outside one of the Downton Abbey residences.


It got me thinking of a whole new Summer look- what do you think?!


One.  Two.  Three.  Four.   Five. 

FYI: The Panama hat has been purchased already- much to Mr 29’s disgust! Boo hiss to him!



3 thoughts on “Who loves short shorts?!

  1. I love that look! (You look fab btw!!!) I’m a bit scared of short shorts still but I did wear some medium shorts last week! I love the hat 🙂

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