The one where I miss out on Mother of the Year. Again

Today I officially put myself {back} up there with the world’s worst mothers. I’m not in denial by this, I have been on that list a few times now. I had chosen to ignore Thing 1’s cough {and his horrendous pre teen attitude which is at it’s peak} as I have been too consumed with the dog and Thing 2’s ailments.


As parents, we all quickly learn that, for some unknown reason, kids get ill at night. Granted Thing 1 has had a cough for a week {possibly 2}, but it was last night that he started to wheeze.

And then I couldn’t sleep.  As a Mama to older children {and to kids that have always slept through the night- please don’t hate me} I find it so difficult when I lose a night of sleep.  I am currently on the sofa, drooling with tiredness and looking for a match, cocktail stick, anything to keep my eyes open.

Back to Thing 1, he has a chest infection, is prescribed antibiotics, steroids and an inhaler. He will get better, I know this but as a Mother, I question why I let him be ill without acting on it sooner. As a nurse I obviously question my judgement.


And so, five days of treatment have begun.  A trip to the Bakery followed the Doctor’s appointment.  Funny how his appetite isn’t affected!






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