When Great Things Happen.

Some days, just happen, you know, it’s like all the stars are in alignment, the sun showers  you in its rays and friends and family all collide.  In one place.  At the same time.  And great things happen.

Or, in reality, an invitation had been sent in advance where everybody RSVPed to Gracie’s Christening.  Hence our gathering in the one place.  At the same time.


I blog too much, really, about the materialistic things I want and need.  But what we all need are friends.  And in a sunny beer garden where the Pinot was flowing {“Auntie, you always drink Pinot!” said Lo}, older children {The Things} were available  to ‘keep an eye’ on the little ones, these friendships are at their best.  And the real beauty of this group of friends is that some are family members, who really do overlook that you don’t return a text {immediately, or in my case even on the same day}, don’t hold it against you if Birthdays are missed {I have forgotten 2 this week!} or if you drink too much, and where conversations go beyond anything you thought you’d share.  But you share.

After an emotional roller coaster of a week, where we have had to formalise a palliative care plan for our Labrador and The Things have been off school with migraines and ear infections, catching up with friends was just the medicine we needed.

Have you had an amazing weekend?!



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