The one where a journey is taken……

My Friend Monica and I were due to attend a colleague’s wedding, Mr 29 wasn’t coming and I nominated myself to drive. No dancing on the tables for me at the reception as I had family commitments the next day.


I never have to plan journeys. I know how to get to work, the supermarket and the gym {I know how to get to the latter destination but I don’t necessarily go!}. Mr 29 does the long distance driving {this is anything in excess of 5 miles!} and he doesn’t have a sat nav. Instead, he has a built in ‘homing pigeon’ system lodged into his grey matter.

I was planning a journey, without Mr 29, and getting myself flustered. Monica stated she would help by reading out the step by step instructions included in the invitation. We are nurses NOT navigators! This was going to be interesting.

The timing was therefore PERFECT when I was contacted to be a safety and security tester for Tesco Compare and I was asked to review the Garmin Nuvi 50 sat nav. Who said wishes don’t come true?!


Initial thoughts on the Nuvi 50 were that it’s easy to use. I was able to plot my route instantly. Little Ol’ Me. All on my own. I may have got carried away and programmed everywhere I go, just to play with it.

The touch screen is approximately 5 inches wide which is the ideal size for you to view your journey whilst not be too huge to cause a distraction. Safety first, travellers!

I found the Cyclops speed camera notification bleeps and speed limit notification to be very accurate. The screen shows you the road’s current speed limit, and your actual speed recording next to it, which enables you to adjust your speed to ensure a safe journey.

The Nuvi 50 has Lane Assist which guides you into the correct lane so that you don’t miss the junction that you need. It shows you an image of what to expect at the turn off so you are fully aware of where you need to go.
Your estimated time of arrival, to your programmed destination is also on display on the screen. This time is updated throughout the journey. What started out as a 25 minute journey, was actually an hour. This is what happens when you travel down the M25 on a Friday afternoon.

The device itself, is ideal for those of us {ME!} that aren’t very tech savvy. I found it easy to use and would recommend if you are after an everyday Sat Nav. Mr 29 adds that there are ‘add ons’ available if you go on line and would like to upgrade programmes- like I said I’m not tech savvy!



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