Back to the ’90s

A catch up with friends, whilst drinking wine, ended up in a “Do you remember….” session.

As you do when reminiscing about the past.  Twenty years ago isn’t that long ago.  Is it?!

The 1990’s were pretty magical for me, I had already started secondary school when the decade turned.  I went on to college to study my A-Levels whilst cursing Wednesday night ‘student night’ and cheap booze which was followed by 2 hours of English Literature on a Thursday morning.  I graduated University.  And got married.  All in the 90s!


* Dungarees were fashionable. In any colour. My sister had a purple pair.  Amaze.

* Naf Naf clothes. My personal favourite was a pair of cycling shorts. Circa 1991.  Totally rocked that all over print.

* Naf Naf – Everything else. Even down to stationary. Addicted much?!

* High waisted white jeans – in the style of Louise in the naked video

* Kickers were compulsory footwear

* As were Wallerbees

* Benetton duffle bags

* Ant and Dec were only known as PJ and Duncan

* Hollyoaks from the beginning {wow nearly 20 years ago? Really?!}

* Saturday Tea Times were for Baywatch and Beverly Hills 90120

* Reading Just Seventeen magazine

* Progressing to More! *sniggers at position of the fortnight*

* Suffering what felt like FOREVER when Bryan Adams was No.1 in the charts.

* And Celine Dion. I did NOT think twice and purchased that blasted song on cassette {from Woolworths}

* Paper provisional/ driving licences- ideal for ID {totes used to borrow my big sisters}

* Oasis and Blur

* And not forgetting The Spice Girls- was that 1996?!

* Drinking Hooch

* Followed by Vodka and Redbull

* Our Price vouchers for Christmas from your Aunt and Uncle

* Having to actually record {as in on a VCR} Friends, because it was showed on a Friday night.  And you needed to know what was going down with Rachel and Ross!

* Take That -The first time round {First TT concert was November 1992, pour moi}

* Making arrangements with friends on the house phone. And speaking to your friends Mum/Dad/great nan or whoever answered the phone. Ring ring.

* The introduction of mobile phones for everyone. Flip downs, aerials and batteries. We have progressed some!

* Gameboy.  Tetris.  ‘Nuff said.  Still addicted today and have it on the I phone and I pad

* Tamagotchi – my chick {is that what it was?!} never lived past day 3

* The teletubies- watching post hangover- this was created for adults, non?!

* As for movies.  Speed.  A few good men.  The bodyguard.  Pretty woman

What have I forgotten?! Please tell me and add your own memories!



4 thoughts on “Back to the ’90s

  1. FREAKING LOVE THIS POST! I miss the 90s so much. For me it was My So Called Life and gigs & festivals and drinking Two Dogs (like hooch!) and diamond white and MD20 20! I wore ripped jeans and DMs…. then progressed to tight band t-shirts and flares…. and then lots of rank stuff from Morgan as the 90s turned into the noughties! *sigh*

  2. Yes, yes, YES! I think we had the same 90s!! I actually look up Naf Naf online the other week and found that they do baby bags – missed a trick there! I have to add watching Gladiators and Blind Date before going out on a Saturday night. I know, I was a bit of a loser.

    • A Naf Naf baby bag?! That’s brilliant. Wasn’t sure it was still around! Will have a look on line now {not for a baby bag!}. Aaahhhhh, yes gladiators- I had forgotten that too!

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