You’re a Lucky Girl

This is what Mr 29 has told me, on a daily basis, since 1997. 

He writes it in my Valentines and birthday cards.

“Meh!” I usually reply.

Lucky? Really?

The dude abandons his shoes and coat wherever he takes them off.

I came downstairs the other morning to find spare tyres for his bike. On the kitchen table.

He never fills the kettle up.

And, just like me, he’s not 29.

Today he is celebrating his 42nd birthday.


Despite the above bad points, I overall like living with this husband of mine.  And yes, dear, I am a lucky girl!

He’s a pretty awesome man, and I’m still totes head over heels in lurve with him.

He’s not a romantic, but is swoon-worthy in his own way.  He has become more sentimental and has become more tolerant of my ‘cheesy’ music, and in turn I have become more cool headed and gained more patience. We’re a good team.

He is very positive and can see logic and rational to every situation that arises.


He makes me laugh every single day.  He is legendary for his {sarcastic} sense of humor in these parts, don’t you know?! Many have become a victim to his comedy!

On our Wedding Day, he didn’t greet me with a whispered “you look beautiful” instead, he leaned into my ear and asked “Why do you have glass in your hair?!”.

It was a diamond tiara!

And DANG.  The man is as hot as the day I met him.  Just a little more distinguished, courtesy of his grey hair.

Happy Birthday, Mr 29.


Pictures via Pinterest


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