Mama’s Day and Campervans


I had an amazing but exhausting Mother’s Day weekend. The boys brought me an Emma Bridgewater ‘Mum’ mug.  As they do every year.  I LOVE predictability. Imagine if they started buying me a Susie Watson mug- that would confuzzle me!


We spent the whole weekend at Sandown Race Course in Esher, as it was the Volksworld Show. Dedication, huh?! Sacrificing ‘my’ day for Mr 29 and The Things.  Ssshhh, don’t tell them that I really enjoyed it.  As you know, we do love a Vdub in the 29 year old household. The sun was shining {it was freezing and snowed at the same event last year!}, we ate hog roast baguettes and ice cream.


I have spent a fortune, in my head, for everything  Stamford needs, for although he is a handsome chap on the outside, at 43 years young he needs some more updating.  We noticed this winter {actually we knew last winter, but crossed our fingers to get last summer out of him!}, that his roof needs renovating and this is first on the ‘to do list’.

A trip to Devon is on the cards for a new roof.  We have found the perfect blue to match his colour. I will keep you posted on his update!

I hope you all had a fabulous day too!



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