Smiling at the Here and Now

I know the day is still young and all that, and some of you may not have even had time to think about one thing that has made you smile today.  But me? Well I’m living the here and now.  I’ve only been able to have 1 day off  work this half term {which is not a whinge or moan} and today, I am having a ‘date day’ with The Things.

Oh hell yeah, this makes me smile : )

I had promised to take Thing 2 to cinema to see the Lego movie, and asked Thing 1 if he would like to come too.  “Why would you you think I wouldn’t want to come?” was his reply.

Well, I thought, we never see you {unless you want something} you’re always out with your friends and you argue like crazy with everyone in the house at the moment.  “I didn’t know if the Lego movie was something you wanted to see” I responded.

“I don’t mind if that’s what Thing 2 wants to see,” he stated, “We will have a Macdonalds first, though, won’t we?”

There it was.  What he really wanted.  But that’s just fine.  My smile shant be shifted today.  I’m spending it with my boys

What has made you smile today?!



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