When Boys play with Balls

When we found out I was having a boy, while pregnant with Thing 1, I told Mr 29 he would have to have conversations about ‘the birds and the bees’ with him. I said I would chat with our girls.


Of course, both of these never materialised.  I gave ‘the talk’, and no daughters arrived.

Thing 1 discovered ‘down there’ very early on.  Every time he had a nappy change he would ‘cop a feel’ of his Crown Jewels.


A three and a half year old Thing 1 once asked Mr 29 why he had hair around his willy. Mr 29 replied “To keep it warm when you’re older”!

Really?! You see what I have to content with?!

Back in November,  Thing 1, who will be 13 {I have no idea how this has happened!} in June, was educated about the very important subject of testicular cancer at school. I have to admit I had not had this particular discussion with him.

Testicular cancer affects younger men between the ages of 15-44.  The most common symptom is a painless lump or swelling in the testicles. NHS UK.

Thing 1 did not tell me about this talk.  I read it on the news letter.  I didn’t think too much about it.  Until, I thought there may be an issue.

How did I know there was a problem? He took longer in the toilet.  He seemed quieter.  He appeared anxious.  He is neither of the latter.

He explained he could feel lumps in his groin. I asked if he wanted Dad or me to look.  He said “you’re the nurse, you should”.  I replied, “Are you sure, Dad knows about these things?!”.  I felt glands, told him not to worry and not to look for anything for another month.  Obviously, Thing 1 didn’t listen to me.  Nothing new there.  But then he ‘googled’ {any of you reading this, who work in the health profession, I did just hear you  say “Oh No!”} ‘lumps in groin’ and he became anxious.

FYI:  If you do decide to  ‘google’ the words “lump in groin male” you will be overwhelmed with a huge amount of information on lymphoma.

Poor Thing 1, it didn’t matter how many times I reassured him and told him he was fine.  He couldn’t hear me.  Even though I {may have} shouted at him that he was fine.

I made an appointment with our GP.

Our GP was amazing.  He confirmed Thing 1 was OK.  Hooray! {Not that I’m one to say I told you so}.  He praised Thing 1 for being knowledgable, alert and for not being embarrassed about going to see him.  He was.  Mr 29 bribed him with new boxing equipment, but I kept quiet and nodded in agreement.

Thing 1 now knows how to check his ‘bits’, that he must do it once a month and to tell us if he has a worry.  Not to sit fretting on his own.

Geez, Louise, this motherhood lark don’t get any easier!


Pictures via Pinterest


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