In Which It Didn’t Come Out InThe Wash

Because it never made it into the washing machine.

I always think of myself as one of those that view life as the glass is always half full.  Living with Mr 29 a.k.a Mr  Positivity himself, actually means I see life through rose tinted specs where the glass is always full.

At the moment, however, work is tainting my vision. I still  love my job, there are just other issues ongoing which I am unable to discuss with you.  I’m sure you’ll realise that I’m not having a picnic.  My glass is not just half empty but I’m missing sandwiches too.

I am trying so very hard to keep my worries away from The Things.  This has been increasingly difficult.  Where as I would normally do things myself, on the first time of asking {I live in a house of men- it’s simply easier to do it myself}, it has taken 3 attempts at a ‘dark’ wash to ensure school trousers have been washed for Thing 2.

The first wash was overflowing.  But no trousers.

The second was a half load. But no trousers.

The third wash, where Thing 2 was asked to put the trousers into the washing machine himself, was made up of 3 tea towels and a pair of P.Js.  But No trousers.

And I cried.  Like a girl.  Over a pair of unwashed trousers.



Picture via Pinterest


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