Lately and Now…..

January feels like the longest month.  Ever.

We were discussing its ‘length’ just the other night.  Mr 29’s thoughts are “it feels like January has lasted 3 months already!”

We caught up with friends we didn’t get to see before Christmas, dined with  family we haven’t seen since Christmas and celebrated friends and family  birthdays.  The latter being an excuse to buy girlie pieces for the nieces.  All that pink.  Sigh.  Have I told you how much I LOVE being called ‘Auntie’?


Thing 2 has not lasted one full week at school since restarting after the Christmas holidays.  This week he has had conjunctivitis.  Honestly this child raises his hand for every single thing that is doing the rounds.

I had a mad bake off yesterday when I realised we have been living off pre Christmas hamper biscuits and cakes which we have finally consumed.  The cake tins are, once again, filled to the brim with homemade cup cakes and cookies.

Oh, and Mr 29’s job is under consultation.  The joys of working for the NHS.  It feels at times we are living on a roller coaster.  We’ve been here already.  And have the tee shirts to prove it.  Past experiences have taught us to embrace change and stay positive.  Bring it on.


February, hurry up already!


Pictures Via Pinterest


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