The one where I’ve {finally} discovered Brogues

I have to admit it’s taken a while for me to get on board the brogues train.  That was until, during one lunchtime meeting, when Susie was swinging her legs in front of me.  At the end of her ribbed tight covered legs were a pair of brogues.


In fact, she was wearing this pair from Clarkes.  Well,  she actually has the black version.  And has replaced the lace with ribbon {which looks amazing by the way}.   But for ‘your’ benefit, I think this pair of brogues will look super duper with these dresses I have also found for you.  You’re welcome ; )


1} Oasis     2} Topshop     3} New Look

I am now waiting until payday {does everyone agree it’s been a looong month?} and I shall be purchasing the Topshop pipe tile shirt dress- it’s my favourite of the three!



3 thoughts on “The one where I’ve {finally} discovered Brogues

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