What I Heart 💕

20 things I’m loving

💕the return of a routine 💕school dinners {Thing 2 has finally given up the packed lunch *fist pump*}💕January Birthdays 💕An emptier fridge 💕the gym 💕my onsie {finally- I’ve been converted!} 💕Birds of a feather {what would I do….} 💕Emma Bridgewater Sale 💕January sales, generally 💕normal dinners in the evening like pasta again 💕catching up with buddies we didn’t get to see before Christmas 💕a tidier house as Christmas presents and packaging have been put away and disposed of 💕squeezing and smooching our friend’s new born baby {a girl- ’nuff said} 💕The bin men’s usual pick up day 💕Lighter Evenings {Yes, it’s still light at 4pm}💕 The few hours it doesn’t rain 💕Thing 1’s cheese cake 💕reading loads 💕looking and planning where to go for the Summer holidays 💕weekend lie ins


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