It’s 2014- Hooray! Goodbye 2013

I am a bit late to the party with my 2013 round up/ New Year post.  Soz, and all that.

On New Years Eve, Mr 29 raised his Stella Artois and wished for a better year.

In 2013 we attended 3 family funerals.  So, anything less than that this year will be a bonus, right?!

We also said Goodbye to our beloved, George, who at 14 years old, decided he was too tired to stay any longer with us.  I can still hear his collar jingling and expect him to appear in front of me.  Man, I miss that dog. I never anticipated I would still be feeling so raw six months on.

But, 2013 was very productive for us.  My castle has been re vamped.  Our downstairs has been completed! I have a kitchen, y’all!  A real life kitchen with a table and a sofa.  This is where you can find us.  He’s  pretty amazing, Mr 29.  I also have a bedroom door- finally.  Oh, and a downstairs loo!  It’s the simple things in life.

We attended 2 special weddings.  Mr 29’s school friend got married {only 1 more remains from that gang} on a beautiful August day, it was like being in the Mediterranean, quite literally, as the bride has Spanish roots and Guiseppe is Italian.  Obvs.   My God Sister and her Wife had the most fabulous wedding day.  You can read about it here.

I started working.  This is nothing new.  I have continued to nurse since The Things were born.  But full time?! Wowsers.  I think I’ve finally sussed I can do this.

My God son was born {officially on the 31st December 2012}  and it has been amazing watching him grow.  I loves him loads!

hope you all have an amazing 2014!



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