Easy Peasy Gingerbread Biscuit Shapes


Gingerbread Men, or in this instance, Christmas Shapes, are made once a year in this house. Right now, at Christmas. The reason being, as much as I love to bake, flour on the work surfaces {and the floors} kinda freaks me out.

You will need

350 grams plain flour

100 grams butter

175 grams soft brown sugar

1-2 teaspoons of ground ginger

4 tablespoons of golden syrup

1 egg

What to do

* Mix EVERYTHING together.  I use a food processor. I said this was easy, non?

* Once a dough has been formed, take out from the food processor

* Sprinkle flour on the work surface

* Roll out the dough using your rolling pin.  Aim for a thickness of no more than 4-5 mm

* Cut your shapes

* line up on a pre greased flat baking tin

* Cook for 15 minutes

* Leave to cool

* Decorate, Thing 2 style, using food colouring pens




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