29 Year Old Mama is 1!

Today I have been blogging for 1 whole year!  That year has flown by! This was my very first post.  This has been my most popular post.  I was nominated for a Mad Blog Award but my blog was too young to be considered.

I have been asked quite a lot recently the reason why I blog. I had thought about starting my blog long before it launched, back in November last year. I had stumbled across different blogs whilst surfing the net for various ideas, advice, recipes and was even asked to like a friend of a friend’s page on Facebook {the latter being how I came across the rather gorgeous Katy at Modern Mummy -definitely worth a read!}. I liked how the ‘articles’ which I read {I was to learn these are called posts!} were personalised and aimed at ME.  I still feel like a fraud when blogs I used to read pre my own blogging experience, follow me and comment on my posts.  I feel ‘almost’ famous when that happens!

I thought I could do it. I have an Englsh A Level for goodness sakes, of course I can write {although Mr K may question my grammar nowadays!}.  I choose to write about me, Mr 29 and our family.  My likes and dislikes, my concerns and worries, you are seeing inside my head.   I have been told by friends who read my blog, that I write how I talk.  They say they can can hear me speaking the words I have written. That keeps ‘this’ all real, yeah?!

Why “29 year old mama”? Well, because I am 29 {or at least that’s what I tell everyone- although The Things insist on telling anyone who will listen that I’m not!}.  It’s strange as I waited half of my 20’s to be 30  and then decided my late 20’s were pretty amazing and wanted to stay there.  So in my head I am still 29!

I feel privileged to read other blogger’s posts and leave comments. We have friendships, all be it virtual. And I believe we need to support each other, and newbies, like me when I started.

The blogging community is a source of support, and in just the 12 months since I’ve been blogging I have witnessed this. Firstly, when I began I saw all the love for Kerry at Multiple Mummy, and more recently the blogging world stood together to support Jenny at Edspire.

So, here we go.  Another year of 29 Year Old Mama, are you staying on the train?!



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