Motherhood Fears

Today, 2 parents said a final Goodbye to their youngest son.

I am not sure if you’re familiar with this story.  It made the news in Surrey, but I’m unaware if it made national headlines.

Over the August bank holiday weekend, John Beaumont was attacked.  He was 17 years old.  He died of serious head injuries.  He was attacked by another 17 year old boy.

What makes this story more poignant to me is

1} He was 5 years older than my eldest son

2}He was attacked in a local park (at 4 0’clock in the afternoon)

3}He had started work at the same Hospital as I do

As parents, Mr 29 and I are struggling to support our year 8 son as he pushes his independence boundaries everyday.  Apparently his friends are allowed to do a lot more than we permit him to do.  Having spoken to their parents, I believe they are all on par.

But then, something ‘like this’ happens.  Quite literally in your back garden.

 How can we possibly encourage independence, when something life changing can occur in minutes? In broad daylight? In our area?



2 thoughts on “Motherhood Fears

  1. My children are only little still, but this sort of thing terrifies me and my heart goes out to the poor parents. I actually fear more for my son when he gets older, rather than my daughter, as there the world currently seems to be a dangerous place for young men in terms of violence, dangerous driving, gangs etc.

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