My Castle


This sign greets you in our hallway.  I love a sign.  Mr 29 says our house has more signs than the M25.  Possibly.

I have had 2 weeks off work.  The first week, falling on half term was spent with The Things ‘doing’ boys stuff.  I can totally channel my inner boy- I am actually very good at it.

This week I am at home playing house.  I had forgotten how much I love it.  And {shock horror} miss it.  I only returned to full time work in March this year.  The ‘first time’ I have been contracted to full time hours since before Thing 1 was born, 12 years ago.  I have a very normal life- I work Monday to Friday, I’m a wife and a mama.  It’s not an extrodinary life, some may say it’s a boring life, but I love it, as I sit in my  1930’s semi in Surrey  castle ruling my kingdom with  a calendar, schedule and To Do list, this is MY life.

I’ve been busy ruling in my castle these last couple of weeks.  I hosted a soiree on Bonfire Night, participated in all school runs for Thing 2  and I have baked everyday {the diet starts another week, right?!}.  I even performed a scan of the floors, picking up random lego pieces, nerf gun bullets and those blasted plastic green soldiers {these suckers are on par with lego when stood on bare foot}, before hoovering.  Usually I just zap those blighters straight up that nozle.  No questions asked.

These last couple of weeks, I’ve enjoyed being at home.  And I thought about how good I am at it.  Some may think, it’s really not that hard.  I agree.  But thinking back to those first few weeks when I played house, when Thing 1 was born, my goal was for us both to be washed and dressed by lunch time.  Nowadays, by noon, I can do numerous, wonderous things in my castle without a second thought.

This is my castle. I am more than happy to rule over my kingdom from here.  Whilst wearing my Emma Bridgewater apron. I love it.



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