What’s in my Handbag

Mr 29 states he HATES going into my handbag {like he’d actually fit; the man is six foot two, and coincidently does have eyes of blue, too!}. For example, this morning he needed some change for the car park, “There’s some in my purse” I told him, “In my bag” I added before rolling back under the duvet.  I heard him groan.  He cannot understand my handbag.  He says it is too cluttered.  I tell him, I carry the basics, the everyday needs.  For me.

I have been reading blogs where mama’s have been sharing what they keep in their baby change bags.  I haven’t as of yet found a ‘what’s in you bag’ post for mama’s with older children.  So, voila.  I aim to please.


This is my handbag’s exact present contents.  Minus the used tissues.  I removed those for photo purposes.  This is what I have needed this half term.  Just for me.  The Things have been sharing a back pack {are they called that?} for any snacks, I pods and drinks they have needed, whilst we’ve been out and about.

*Purse {minus coins!} and phone.  These two obviously go hand in hand.   I now have an ‘app’ on my phone that allows me to get money from an ATM at any Natwest, impressive right?!

*I am a contact lens wearer, but always carry a pair of spectacles with me {seen here in a Cath Kidston case}.

*Tangle Teezer {in pink} to groom my long haired maine

*Antibacterial hand gel, a pack of tissues and strepsils have all been needed this week as I slowly recover from ‘Man Flu’.

*I am asthmatic, and have been for always {27 years}.  Leaving the house without an inhaler would be like not wearing knickers.  And I do.   So it stays in the bag.

*I always have a bottle of water.  I get thirsty at the most inconvenient places.

*Hand cream is being applied throughout the day at the moment- my hands quickly become chapped in colder weather.

*Vaseline and lip gloss/ equivalent.  I’m a girl…..

*Body spray- you need to freshen up during the day! I am running low on my favourite Victoria’s Secret ‘love is heavenly’ body mist.

What do you have in your bag? 



4 thoughts on “What’s in my Handbag

  1. Love your bag! One of the things I look forward to moving back to the UK, is being able to get my grown up handbags out again. I’ll actually be able to go out occasionally without the boys. It’ll be quite a shock to the system.

    • I do like a nice handbag too. I have to admit, I have {in my time} had a non spill beaker and baby wipes shuffled into my Louis Vuitton and Burberry bags! But a small clutch bag, when out in the evening suits me best {I think!} : )

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