An evening with Sons

Week night evenings are ‘owned’ by The Things.  Would being a Mama to girls be more fun?


Put your football kit in the washing basket

Your hand wraps are in the tumble dryer {Said at least 3 times.  Having been asked where are they at least 5 times}

Have  you banged the mud off your studs? {Too late, you have walked into the house}

Clean your mouth piece/ mouth guard {I have no idea what it’s called- I didn’t wear one when playing netball}

Move these shin pads

Get in the shower {you stink, seriously}

When contemplating the 8 car journeys in two days to the club house “You don’t have to go today, if YOU don’t want to…”

STOP eating! {No really, STOP}

I relish Wednesday evenings.  Club free night.  Bliss.



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