On my mind

I need to post. It feels as though I haven’t blogged in yonks. A week and a half, actually.

My mind is full of useless information and jobs to do.

Such as today is My Nan’s birthday. Her first since she left us in March. There will be lots of ‘firsts’ to go through this year for Mr 29 and I.

I was weighed by the practice nurse who has confirmed I have put on weight. Obviously going up a dress size wasn’t conclusive enough for me! I am now 59kilograms. And although I get comments of “I wish I weighed that” and “It doesn’t look like it”, this is not helpful for me. I still have a healthy BMI but I have not weighed this much ever- not without being pregnant {and I’m not!}. So for me it is a weight gain, and I’m not happy. I need to diet. I just do not think I have the mentality to diet. I love food far too much. Especially chocolate, biscuits and crisps.  I love to eat.


Thing 2 needs another school jumper {I like to have two on the go- for exactly this reason!}. In true ‘back to school’ style he has misplaced one. I only need to go online to order it, but I’m easily distracted by Christmas arrivals at Emma Bridgewater and the Daily Mail on line.

Thing 1 has had a few ‘sick days’ lately, nothing serious, but it has meant I’ve needed to take some time off work. This seems much harder now that I’m working full time. My manager has been understanding and I have been able to work from home, but it’s still time away from work.

My priority concern, obviously, is that I still have £60.00 in vouchers to spend left over from my birthday. They are burning a hole in my pocket. I must go shopping soon. My Autumn wardrobe needs updating. Shopping trip anybody?!



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3 thoughts on “On my mind

  1. Dieting is never fun, I’ve always found I put on more when I try to diet and lose lots when I’m not trying. I know what you mean though, you as an individual know when you’ve put on more then you’d like even though to everyone else it’s a small number.
    Enjoy your shopping trip!

  2. The health guru’s say that we shouldn’t go on weight, although we all do, me included! Try not to think about it as a diet, like thelondonmum said above, it’s easier to do when you’re not trying. Just making small changes helps so much. When I was trying to lose weight, before I fell pregnant, I used the app myfitnesspal and it helped me so much. Maybe something that like would help you too?
    Sounds like those vouchers need spending pronto! Hope you find something nice!xx

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