I left my heart in New York City



One year ago today I was on route to NYC.  Five ladies from Surrey were let off their Mama duties, to enjoy a magical 5 days.

I have posted about our trip here.  I was the only ‘Virgin’ *sniggers*

I am not new to cities.  I was ‘made in Chelsea’; living inbetween The Fulham Road and Kings Road.  My Ma tells of the time when I pushed my doll’s buggy into Adam Ant’s legs, outside the famous American Classics store.  I travelled on a red route master {the No. 14, if travelling down the Fulham Road, or No. 22 if going via the Kings Road} to school everyday.  My Mother who doesn’t drive {and who didn’t and still doesn’t have much patience with public transport} would hail a black cab to get from A to B.  London life, right?

But there was something about New York.  It was not London.  It was amazeballs.  It took my breathe away.  It reminded me {as I kept saying to the girls} , of Amsterdam.  Another city that I L O V E.  We were to learn that New York used to be called New Amsterdam, hence the influence.  Who knew? A history lesson and shopping trip rolled into one!

There are something’s that cannot be explained.  I cannot even attempt to re tell the stories in a post.  They are the ‘you had to be there moments’ including party cab, the flateron {!} and bar snacks!

The Flat Iron building has been renamed, in our world!


It was exhausting. Jet leg is a bitch. We were all up early {some ridiculously earlier than others!} and the days did not seem to be long enough to fit everything in.

Tonight, we are off out into town. We will be going to The Oblix, level 32 in The Shard, overlooking our city, London. We will be eating from an NY grill inspired menu and reliving our memories. I cannot wait to go back.  New York, you have my heart!



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