Magic Moments


Thing 2 has set off today for a school residential trip.  He is not home until Friday *wails*

This is not my first experience of residential trips.  Thing 1 is our resident Hobo, and could not wait for the yearly trips when he was at the junior school.  Thing 2 is more passive.  We lost money once on a previous trip as he decided he didn’t want to go.  Because he loves me {that’s what I told myself, when the school office confirmed they could not refund the deposit!}.

And so, he’s gone.  And he was so excited this morning.  Nervous, but smiling.  And change is good for him.  He’s very similar to me because he likes routine and spurns spontaneity.

Residential trips are great fun for children.  I remember mine.  They were amazing.

I await your your return Thing 2.  Have a great time, make lots of memories and remember I love you loads!

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