Turning into our parents

Mr 29 says I’m turning into my Ma.  And he IS definitely turning into his Dad.  This is why.

* Mr 29 {when getting home from work} shouts out  “The house looks like Blackpool illuminations! Why are all the lights on upstairs when everyone is downstairs?”

* Meal planning. My Ma had a standard week day menu {we knew exactly what we were having for dinner on a Monday and Tuesday night!} and although I’m not this bad {yet} I do write a weekly meal pan.

* When The Things ask “What’s for dinner?”, I reply “Bread and pull it.”  Just as my Ma used to- I still have NO idea what this means!

* We switch off the tele in the living room because nobody is watching it. And in the kitchen. And some bedrooms.

* We comment how green the grass is after a torrential down pour of rain. Despite having moaned that every time the dog goes outside she comes back in with muddy feet.

* Constantly reminding The Things not to run up and downstairs,  whilst saying cliches to them like “You sound like a herd of elephants!”.

* We take a cup of tea to bed with us

What do you do, that your parents did/ do?



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