Magic Moments

I don’t ever remember blackberry picking when I was younger. Or making jam. Over the last week, it seems everyone near us has been foraging down by the canal.

As a family we don’t seem to utilise the canal and tow path enough {well other than sometimes going that way to the pub!}. The bridge at the end of our street is viewed as the road used to take Thing 2 to school.

This weekend, we rode our bikes and picked blackberries for the first time.  I am linking this post to The Oliver’s  Madhouse linky #MagicMoments.


The canal path where we picked our berries.


Fresh berries!


Jam in the making


The finished product- we ended up with 2 mugfuls of homemade jam!



6 thoughts on “Magic Moments

  1. Used to love blackberry picking as a kid, and my son used to enjoy a good forage too. Never made jam, but blackberry and apple pies always went down well, and with the addition of some shop bought raspberries etc so did my 2nd fave dessert ever – summer pudding!

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