Back To School


So here it is. The token back to school post. Ssssshhhhh! Listen. Can you hear that? NOTHING. It’s peaceful. There are NO “Mum”‘s, “I’m hungry”‘s and “What are we doing today?” ‘s. Instead, I am drinking copious amounts of tea, eating toast and catching up on some of my favourite blogs. Bliss.


After a busy week, seeing friends and family, enjoying the sun and completing the TO Do before school start list- pencils, uniform and shoes, both Things started back at school this morning. Thing 1 starts in Year 8, accompanied with a broken voice and black heads {any suggestions on what to use, he is currently using clearasil?!}, whilst Thing 2 is entering Year 5 with a teacher who I’m not sure will ‘get him’.

I can also report, following feet measuring and shoe shopping, that it’s official, I now have the smallest feet in the 29 year old household. This is ridiculous and has NOTHING to do with the fact that I have stupidly small feet. Well, maybe, but I accepted years ago that my size 3’s had stopped growing!

The scary thing about school starting, means The Things are a year older. Jeez, how can I stop this?!


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