Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

As much as I cannot wait for school to start and routine to return to our lives {this is obviously ME- not the 3 other members of the 29 year old household,}, I will miss Summer. Summer is my favourite time of the year, especially the school holidays. It’s been great this year- we visited Northern France and Yorkshire. I loved it.


I Will Miss….

* Breaking my no drinking rule during the week
and drinking wine on Monday
And Tuesday
And Wednesday
And so on

* Going to bed at Midnight {The Things too}

* Waking up when we choose {not the alarm clock shouting at us}

* Beach

* Hanging with my boys, every day {even Thing 1 didn’t think it too uncool this holiday to be with his Mama}

* No exercise {running will need to be resumed!}

* Birthdays

I Look Forward To…..

* A tidier and more organised house

* New winter boots {I use birthday money every year to do this- Thanks y’all}

* Cardigans

* Halloween {The Things more than me, but Mr 29 can carve a mean pumpkin}

* Bonfire night

* Slow cooker dinners

* Soup {my parsnip and carrot soup is the Daddy!}

* The wood burner glowing

What is your favourite season?

What will you miss about the Summer?



One thought on “Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

  1. I will miss the lazy days. Its back to routine, school runs and HOMEWORK. But yes to the glow of the wood burner , our wood is being delivered on monday. It’s going to be our first sign of getting ready for winter. Not forgetting the lovely autumn in-between.

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