Sometimes, as a parent, you HAVE to laugh.

Just a short post to share with you. You may not even find it funny. But I think it totally sums up Mr 29 and mine’s parenting.

We had popped into Guildford for nothing very exciting really. Mr 29 wanted to order a made to measure unit for his Hi Fi equipment from one of our favourite stores and I ended up purchasing a rather gorgeous pair of trousers from River Island. And obviously, Thing 1, A.K.A The Tweenager, wanted to go to Hollister, but I digress from my post point.

We stopped by the food court for a bite to eat. The Things had a hearty Macdonalds {good parenting, non?!}, whilst Mr 29 and I had noodles. Now, in this Macdonalds, there is not a ketchup bar, you still get your sauces in closed sauce pots. Que, Thing 1 opening it and getting it all over his face and hair. His bad, right? So did Mr 29 and I help him? Rush to get more napkins? No. To both. We both turned to get our phones to take a photo and laughed out loud, so that everybody else who was sat munching, oblivious to what just happened on our table, quickly became aware of tomato sauce gate. Awesome.

You know, I’m sure this sort of behaviour adds character to a kid. Or something.




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