Dear 16 Year Old Me

Today is my 35th birthday. You see ’29 year old mama’ is my facade. My cover up. But ssshhhh- please don’t tell anyone!

So what would I tell my 16 year old self? {this is a blogging concept that is being posted on various sites at the moment}.

Dear Me,

Your parents have NOT moved you to the middle of nowhere. Yes, you’re pining for London. You have moved from a street which was positioned in between the Fulham Road and New Kings Road, with buses and tube stations within walking distance to a road which opens up to a green area and a train station with trains into town every 30 minutes.

This means you are not staying on at school to study A-Levels with your friends but have started at the local college. You will meet lots of new friends and bunk regularly. I don’t think your Mum ever finds out.

Having an older sister means you get to discover club nights and alcohol a lot earlier than she did- you really should thank her more. Your Big Sister does your hair and make up and styles your clothes. And her paper driving license gets you into clubs {photo driving licenses, what are they?!}. Yep, you really should have appreciated her more back then.

This whole move will change where you thought you wanted to go to University and you will choose Surrey University in Guildford. You will end up meeting your future husband whilst you’re here, but that’s years away. You’re too busy flirting with the college boys for now.

You have discovered wonder bras, but your breasts are perfectly pert and you don’t need to wear them. When you’re 35, after 2 pregnancies, any bra with support will be your saviour.

You have discovered sun beds- Stop- You will regret it later on in life when your skin is tight and wrinkly, and looking old before it’s time. However, for now you think you totally rock and pull off the orange skin and Platinum blonde hair look. You don’t. I’ve seen the photos and cringe that you look like that! Oh and your hair is massive, but this was before GHD’s and you will wonder how you ever lived without this amazing gadget!


You {older and wiser} x

P.S Topshop is one of the few shops that stock Size 6 clothes- enjoy- as you won’t be back in that size again!


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