He’s Nine

Holy God Fathers.

I feel like I have blinked and 9 years have passed me by.

Happy Birthday Thing 2. My baby.

2 boys. 1 Mama. 1 Dad. And you two boys are so different.

Like your brother, you were born early, 36 weeks and 1 day. Were you keen to meet me? Did you know, even then you would love my cuddles, my kisses, when I run my fingertips up and down your arm {and you tell me not to stop}?!

I was aware of labour pains, the second time around, and on advice from the midwife {not knowing I was in labour the first time and delivering in two and a half hours} I rang the hospital as soon as they started. When I arrived at the hospital on that Thursday morning, Dad and I were met by Emma, the same midwife who had, coincidently, delivered your brother 3 years before. Emma wouldn’t allow me to go home as my waters hadn’t broken and she was concerned you would arrive as quick as your older brother. Annoyingly, at the time, my water’s didn’t break, and you my unique son, was delivered in the sac that had been protecting you for 36 weeks. We were told this ‘caul’ meant you were lucky and you would not drown, although we had no plans to test this!

4 years later, on a hot Sydney afternoon, having collected Thing 1 from School, you escaped my sun screen covered hands, and jumped into the pool without your arm bands. Perfect timing for Dad to come home from work early, who dived into the pool after you. But there was no need. You popped up like a cork and swam to the pool’s edge- all by yourself. How we praised the luck of the ‘caul’ .

You’re not a crowd pleaser, you like your own company. Outside of our close social network, you are quiet and shy. You LOVE a routine, and just like me, question spontaneity. However, you are more like Dad in nearly every other way. You like to be given a job {non school related} and set your mind to it. You eat fruit and often shun puddings. I love that your favourite dinners are my roasts. You are hair obsessed, and easily use the most hair gel out of the 3 of you in this house! You wash your hair everyday and use a nit comb- even though you’ve never had head lice. You make us laugh every single day.


Happy Birthday, Son



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