Jobs for the Boys

I am fully aware it is 2013, and that the 19th century was many years ago, but in this house, child labour still exists. Following on from my ‘Sh*tty Mom’ post, I would like to share with you, the real use of children, and how they earn their keep in the 29 year old household.  Because, well, I didn’t sign up to be a slave.

1) Wheelie Bins- stand them in it, push the rubbish down, voila more room to throw away our chunk.

2) Cups of tea- This was the best idea ever. Thing 1 was 9 when we introduced him to the kettle.

3) Shopping- I’m not talking a huge grocery shop here but milk, butter and bread are always needed to be replenished in this house. The Co Op is just around the corner.  Thing 1 may have to be bribed with “treat yourself to sweets while you’re there” but the job gets done.

4) Carrying the shopping from the car- I have just walked around the store and qued up for their hair gel, lynx and Oreos.  The least they can do to help grab a bag  from the boot.  Also this is to encourage chivalry,  and my future daughter-in-laws may thank me for this.

5) Feeding the dog- This is inconsistent and both ‘Things’ only remember when they’re reminded.  Hopefully one day my dulcet repetitive tone ongoing positive encouragement will prompt regularity in this very important job!

6) Mowing the grass- Thing 2 does actually take great pride in this, and so technically, this isn’t a chore for him.  I mean, he enjoys it.  Really.


Surely I am not alone.  What do your kids do around the house?


Pictures via Pinterest


11 thoughts on “Jobs for the Boys

  1. This is so awesome and I agree with you completely. I grew up this way and so will my children. There will be chores and things to do lists! For each one of them. I already make Buba clean his toys up before bed and help put clothes away and he is 2 yo. Child labor law ya whatever it did me no harm, I actually think it teaches us valuable lessons. I love this post. great #badmumsclub post.

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