Magic Moments


Regular readers of my blog will know that we recently said ‘Goodbye’ to our first pet- you can read about it here.   On that fateful day, Mr 29 promised The Things a present each.

Thing 2 chose fish.  Not with chips and mushy peas.  As in pet fish.  But not ‘normal’ fish i.e Goldfish.  Tropical fish.  The kind where you need a proper tank, filter, heater and light.

Once a tank was purchased, we were advised to leave the water for 2 weeks before adding fish to it.  We decided to get ‘trial’ fish, and surprisingly they are still alive.  This is a good thing, as Thing 2 has become attached to these electric blue tiny creatures and has named them Speedy, Chunky and George.  He is so pleased with himself, and  his proud smile is rubbing off on me!  He has taken great pride in feeding them every day.  We just need to work on him feeding the dog, and making tea.

I am linking up to The Oliver’s Madhouse linky #MagicMoments- Thank you Jaime for hosting.



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