Bad Habits

I don’t openly admit to any flaws,  well other than the ones I walk on in the house,  but I also I know that I’m NOT perfect.

I swear


I’ve gone back through my previous posts, and I am so surprised they don’t contain swear words. I clearly write better than I speak.

I swear. All. The. Time. Even if I don’t verbalise the word, it passes through my mind in big black CAPITAL letters.

I use swear words for every occasion, feeling and action. For example, the morning after an alcohol fuelled night, does not leave me feeling ill. I feel F**king Sick. If I’m shocked or surprised I never simply gasp, or say ‘Gosh’, I unladylike say “No F**king Way!”, or when I need more clarity, I use the more polite version of “You’re shitting me?!”. If I drop something “Shit” can be heard. If I forget to do something “balls/cock/bullocks” is drum-rolled out.

You see where I’m going with this?

I have to be right


Hell, there is no ‘have to’ about it.  I am right.  Always. I have inherited this from my mother and I have passed this trait onto Thing 1. However, at the moment he is never right. Obviously. He totally needs to get his sh*t together if he wants to ‘out do’ me.

It is time consuming, being right all the time, but it is the only ‘thing’ I’m competitive about. Forget sport participation. I thrive when I hear Mr 29 say “Yes. You are right”. Sometimes I make him say it twice.

I cannot be spontaneous


I know this drives Mr 29 insane. Thinking of doing anything impromptu makes my mouth go dry and my armpits sweaty. That is the reason for calendars and notice, right? So that you know what you are doing in advance. However, I cannot deny that these impromptu events always turn out to be the best times. I totes need to get over this fear.

What about you. Do you admit to any flaws?



4 thoughts on “Bad Habits

  1. Do I admit to any flaws? All of the f**king above and then some. I am confused by your assertion that you are always right, however, as that’s my job. I have a certificate and everything. My biggest flaw is probably that i’m easily distracted. I’ll be right in the middle of saying something and then just kind of dri

  2. i cant be spontaneous either and i can be heard most frequently uttering something that would turn my mothers face red .. although i am getting better now J is copying! lol

    Thanks for linking up with #PoCoLo x

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