Summer Holidays


Today is the first day of the summer holidays- horay!
It’s been a long time coming, and the last few weeks have been busy at both the thing’s schools. But finally today, we didn’t have to set the alarm. They woke up at 7am. Obvs. Despite, school mornings, where I can be heard throughout Surrey shouting at them to “Get up and out of bed. NOW!”.


I do not want to hear their moaning/ whining/ bored voices and as I am feeling in my ‘Mother of the Year’ mood, today, they are being treated to a McDonald’s, and the cinema. This has NOTHING to do with the fact they I can ‘nip in’ the nearby clothes shops. Nothing.

I cannot wait until August when Mr 29 has time off work and we get to leave the county. We were originally planning on driving to the south of France, but finances and time has not favoured us. Instead, we will be spending time up north, in Yorkshire and also in Normandy {can this be more England- you can see it from here?!}. In both places we get to go to the beach *crosses fingers the heat wave continues*


Whatever, your plans are for this Summer- Enjoy it!


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One thought on “Summer Holidays

  1. We’ve also been to the cinema and had a McDonald as a part of summer time treats, this week. Hope you enjoy your break, sounds like fun, I can’t wait to get away for a couple of weeks soon.

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