Selective Hearing


Mr 29 has selective hearing. This is not news to me. The signs were there from the very beginning. On our wedding day he was surprised to see ‘this’ and ‘that’. But yet, he had agreed to it all during wedding ‘conversations’ *

*Clearly me telling him about the wedding and him thinking about something entirely different.

Have you seen The Simpson’s episode where it shows Homer’s brain whilst Marge is talking? That’s us. Mr 29 thinking of ‘other’ things while I tell him about ‘important’ things.


He once forgot to take our dog to the vet for a follow up appointment. He said I didn’t tell him. Nor did he read it on the calendar, written in CAPITAL LETTERS.

I just feel as though his selective hearing is getting worse. Now that I’m working full time, and he is helping with the Things more, I am constantly receiving text messages, whilst at work, asking questions as to what he needs to do.



Disclaimer: Please not we have not been involved or witnessed a post office robbery- Mr 29 posted some parcels and was ‘shocked’ at Royal Mail’s prices!

A phone call home states it must be mufti day because there is no school uniform ready for the day. Gggrrrr. If only he had listened!

Me {the night before} “I’ve washed all the school shirts- you’ll have to get one off the clothes airer in the morning”

So, I ask you, what are your experiences with Selective Hearing?



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