Magic Moments

Sports Day

Once again, I am linking up to #MagicMoments.

In September, Thing 2 will be going into Year 5. That officially means that I have 2 sports Days left. Thing 1 is in Secondary school already, where Sports Day is not compulsory, but where he has still decided to participate.  He told me I did not have to go as no other Mums were, and it’s not cool. Thank God. I hate Sports Day. I hated it when I was at school. I hate it as a Mother. Mr 29 never comes, so I have to cheer Team 29 all on my own.

I have recently posted about the school year coming to an end here.

Except, I’m surprisingly not as happy about this as I thought I would be. I have come to realise, all be it too late perhaps, that Sports Day is a special memory, and instead of remembering it with dread and a groan I should whoop and smile.

“Enjoy the little things in life, for someday you will realise they were the big things”

And so this Sports Day, I cheered super loud, overly clapped and I disputed the decision that he came last when, in my eyes he was first. Obvs.




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