The hardest decision EVER


I believe there are only two types of people. Dog people or cat people. We are the former.  I have nothing against the cat people- many of my friends are.  It’s just that I’m allergic. And get hives. Sneezing and itching is NOT the best feeling ever.

Dogs have an innocence about them. They are the ones who wag their tales in the morning, and get excited when you come through the door.  They love you regardless of who you are.

In December 1999, Mr 29 brought me the best Wedding present.  Fact.  My first dog, a 5 month old back miniature poodle.   We had planned on calling him Bob, as in Marley, but he had been named George by his breeder and this suited him perfectly. He was to become my practice child.  He was brought toys and sweets at every opportunity.  He went to work with Mr 29 and stayed with relatives when we went on holiday- he was too posh for kennels!

Dogs are like flies on the wall in relationships.  They are privy to all of the happy and sad times, the arguments and the very magical times. We were part of his life, and he was part of ours. He was there when we found out I was pregnant. Twice. He was there when we brought our babies home.   He saw all the Things’ firsts. He was there for it all.

We had to say Goodbye to George at half past nine on Saturday morning.  We supported the vet that it was for the best.  And we know it was the right thing to do.  He wasn’t happy anymore and when he was in pain we could not comfort him.  Our heads know it was the right decision, every thought process I’ve had since still comes to this conclusion.  It is our hearts that are in denial and disagree.

It’s a horrible feeling. I have never experienced this grieve before. My husband has outlived his childhood dogs, and warned me this day would come.  Losing a dog sucks.  Big time.  It has only been 2 days, I am still having wobbly lip moments.  We have been reminding ourselves of happier times and are thankful for our magical memories.

Although it may not feel very magical, I am linking this post to Magic Moments- hosted by Jaime at The Oliver’s Madhouse.




16 thoughts on “The hardest decision EVER

  1. Oh bless you, I’m a cat person, but have also loved and lost dogs. My last cat died a year ago last week at the age of 19, whether a cat or a dog, they become a part of the family, I still miss him terribly, so can imagine how hard it is for you too #MagicMoments

  2. Really feel for you, you will feel a mix of happiness and sadness until the pain becomes easier to bare, the. You will be filled with glorious memories of the times you spent together. Much love. sounds like its the memory of him that’s the relevance to #magicmoments. I stopped by via the linky…we have the same layout and I’m a 28 years old mummy! I’m also a dog person. Felt I needed to reach and say hello 🙂 xx

  3. Oh, I’m so, so sorry. We had dogs when I was younger – I’m a dog person too, also allergic to cats! One of our dogs was 6 months older than me, so we grew up together, I was heartbroken when she died. I completely understand, and I’m shedding a tear for you and George now xx

    • You’ve started my bottom lip wobbling again! The boys have always had him with them and wrote lovely letters which we buried him with. We have lots of magical moments and memories of him! : (

  4. You are right. Loosing a dog sucks. They become a member of your family. A child. We lost our first dog when she was three and a half years old! She was stolen from us by her poor kidneys. My eldest daughter was two and a half. They had become the best of buddies. How do you explain death to a little girl who has just lost her best friend and cuddle toy? It was a dreadful six months.
    It took us nearly nine years to pluck up the courage to get another dog. It is fantastic having one in the house again. I don’t know how survived with him!
    But, the first time I took him to Nonsuch Park, where I use to take our first dog, 9 years on, I sat in the car and cried for her! You never forget them. Xxx

    • What a lovely reply- thank you! We still have our lab and I am dreading ‘that’ day with her now. I have told Mr 29 that we will NEVER have another dog as I can’t possibly go through this again, so its nice to hear your story. Dogs give so much so providing we stay strong,who knows what will happen in the future…..x

  5. I feel your pain, as a dog person now having two cats it’s just not the same. Dogs offer unconditional love, I was heart broken after losing our first family dog as a teenager. Marley and me will be a film you will never be able to watch again without sobbing your heart out!

  6. Only just seen this. You poor thing. I totally understand how you’re feeling – I’m a cat person and my beloved Poggio was run over last year. I was so shocked – and totally devastated. I cried myself to sleep for a month as things just weren’t the same without her. Animals are part of the family, there’s no doubt about that. Sending you lots of love xxxx

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