School’s {nearly} out for Summer


School is nearly out for Summer. The Things have been on count down since Easter  the half term break.  Thing 1 finishes this Friday.  Thing 2 doesn’t finish until the following Wednesday.  Can you hear his moaning?  Because I can assure you, it is constant!

Most people celebrate the start of a new year in January.  Mine starts in September and finishes in July.  August is my birthday month.  That is my year.  And every year, it goes too fast.

This school year has seen Thing 1 start Secondary school.  Wow- that has been interesting.  He has grown up so much, becoming more independent and he has begun to push the boundaries.  He is physically changing too, he is taller than me and his shoulders are more broad.  He is becoming a man.  I remember my first year in Secondary school as though it were only yesterday- how can my son be experiencing this already?

Thing 2 has settled more into a school routine.  Not that he’s unhappy at school, he just would rather not go.  He says he cannot wait for the holidays so that he doesn’t have any homework.  I had to remind him that he hasn’t done any homework for weeks now anyway.

We have had prize givings, sports days and reports already from Thing 1’s school and have this all again with Thing 2.  The next week and a half is jam packed and I expect it to fly by.

I cannot wait for the Summer holidays.  Family fun times, no routine {my OCD self allows me at least 2 weeks a year off!}, sunshine and adventures.

Are your kids on Summer count down, or has their summer started already?




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