Summer, Shades and Smiles

Wimbledon Tennis starts tomorrow, which means Summer should have arrived in the Uk. So no doubt, we’ll be expecting some rain showers. But imagine a Sunny London for 2 weeks. Is it possible?

I really enjoy Summer.  I love how it seems everyone is smiling, getting up in the morning is so much easier, and the days feel longer.  All because the sky is blue.


I live in maxi dresses and find these are the best clothing item ever invented. You can dress them up or down with flip flops and sandals, and cardigans and jean jackets. Simple summer style.

Oh, and shades. Big shades. The ones that make you look like fly. You can even get away without wearing any eye make up with these beauties. I heart them, having lived in my Armani aviators for years, I now have D and G fly ones attached to my eyes.

Pedicures are a must. In fact I think they’re a must in all seasons.


I am a fan of flip flops too.  I still snigger over the fact that in Australia they are called ‘thongs’. Flip flops are an essential part of my summer wardrobe. I wear them on the school run until my toes are blue. Usually they hibernate from October onwards.


The housewife in me LOVES the fact that washing can be hung up outside, and towels and bedding smell so much fresher.

Oh Summer, how long are you here for?



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