It’s Been A Bad Day

So this morning was destined to be a bad day, when I either forgot to set the alarm {which I can’t believe I did!} or slept through the alarm {something I NEVER do!} and we all woke up at ten to eight.  Mr 29 was due in a meeting at 8am. And the Things and I had to be out of the house by 8.15am.

This meant I only had time for one cup of tea. I NEED 2 cups to wake me up in the morning. Fact.

Thing 1 decided to tell me he needed a top up on his lunch account. Seriously? We were running late. What happened to him telling me last night? I shouted. He answered back. And muttered. And grunted.


I laughed at him. I couldn’t stop. His voice is on the verge of breaking and I found the whole conversation hilarious. Epic fail. Do NOT laugh at your tweenager.  He then asked “Why do you always do that?”.  “Because, Son,” I replied “I am an awful mother.”  He grunted.  Again.  And stomped out the house.  OOOPS.


As I was saying Goodbye to Thing 2 at the school gates, he decided to point out that I had big hair.  Don’t you love a compliment?

The traffic on the drive to work was more ridiculous than normal.  Obviously.

At work, whilst apologising to my Boss for being late and explaining why, she pointed out my cardigan was inside out.  All this before half past nine.


I’d like to say the day got better.  It didn’t.  Until I heard the twist of a wine bottle top.  I promise I will go running tomorrow.

I am now off to bed, in the hope that tomorrow will be better.




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